Homeopathy is built on the principle of “like cures like”.  It has also been referred to as “similar suffering”.  This is possible because the illness can be treated by a substance capable of producing similar symptoms to those being suffered by the patient.  An example of this would be treating poison oak with the homeopathic remedy Rhus Toxicodendron which is homeopathic poison oak.  Rush Tox. works because the energy frequency of poison oak is stronger than molecular structure of poison oak. Homeopathy simply stated is energy frequency with memory, minus the molecular structure of it’s former shape.  This is achieved through the process of dilution and succussion made from the original substance.  I would like to explain dilution and succussion in detain but I need to lay a foundation to support the above information.

Brief History-  Hippocrates (460-370 BC) was a Greek physicion who is commonly regarded as the father of medicine.  He believed that the persons symptoms held the key to what remedy they needed.  He also believed that the body was capable of healing itself.  He was associated with a body of influential writings that emphasized natural rather than supernatural causation and the role of nutrition and the environment.  Hippocrates experimented with the idea of using substances that created similar symptoms.  This was very different from the medicine of his era which was based on the principles of the “Law of Contraries”.  The Law of Contraries held the belief that you should administer an opposite substance for a cure.  For example, if a person had diarrhea, they were given aluminum hydroxide, which constipates.

During the 1st through 5th century AD the Romans made great advances in medicine.  They placed greater importance an cleanliness as a preventative measure.  They advanced herbal medicine in the pharmacopoeias.  Despite all of this, it was not until the 16th century that cause of disease was widely and finally linked to external forces such as contaminated food and drink.  Idias that plants and metals contained active ingredients that could be prescribed to match an illness, were new ideas indead.  This belief was based partly on the notion that a plant contained a “clue” as to what it should be used for.  For example, a heart shaped leaf might be good for the heart, or a blood red berry might be good for cleansing the blood.  This new thought was known as The Doctrine of Signatures.  This was a new example of similar suffering or like cures like.

From the 16th to the 19th century, medical knowledge increased in Europe.  Despite this, general health deteriorated.  More people moved to crowded dirty cities with poor public and personal sanitation.  Medical practice became more invasive with the use of blood letting and mercury dousing. Treatment was extremely toxic with materials such as arrest, lead, and bismuth.

Homeopathy was birthed by a frustrated German medical doctor Hahnemann who lived from 1755-1843.  He became discouraged by the reckless medical practices of his era.  He eventually found himself unable to practice as a physician.  He became a medical transcriber.  While working on some findings of Dr. Cullen, Hahnemann learned that the quinine substance from the bark of the chinchona tree, was a good treatment for malaria because of its astringent qualities.  Dr. Hahnemann was also a chemist and as such he understood that there were far more potent astringents which had no effect on malaria.  Therefor Dr. Cullens findings seemed faulty on the premise of the astringent properties.  What was in the quinine that was having an impact on malaria?  Dr Hahnemann decided to take the quinine and see how it made him feel.  He found that he developed malaria symptoms for several hours after the administration of quinine.

To test the results, he repeated the dosing on several people.  He went on to repeat the process using several other substances.  He kept strict records with variables being controlled which might confuse the results.  When he tested a substance on a well person and derived a particular result, he called it a “drug picture”.  When he had a physical symptom from a sick person, he called it a “symptom picture”.  Dr. Hahnemann found that if he would match the remedy of the drug picture with the symptom picture, he would get good results.  For example, if quinine caused malaria symptoms, it could cure malaria.  If taking poison oak could cure poison oak, that was matching the symptom with the drug picture.

The findings were wonderful with one exception, there seemed to be a kick from the remedy.  Dr. Hahnemann decided to dilute the remedy through a process of dilution and succession.  Through the process of dilution and succession, the remedy became less aggressive physically but more aggressive energetically.  This resulted in less aggravation with more potent healing.

More on symptom picture as well as dilution and succussion in future articles.


Water Hydration

I see more and more people who are drinking plenty of water, yet not hydrating.  You can eat food or take vitamins and not assimilate and in a similar way, you can drink water without hydrating.

First lets look at how the water available to us today is different from water of yesteryear.  In the not so distant past, water was consumed from creeks, rivers and wells.  Water flowing down a river is moving, bouncing off rocks and tripping over a water fall only to splash at the base of the fall, travel around rocks and curl its way down the river.  This twisting and turning movement causes a structuring of the water which gives the water a DNA looking curl to it.  This water is often referred to as living water, structured water or ionized water.  Compare that to water that travels miles through pipes from the sewage treatment plant to your house.

Another quality of natures water is that it is naturally oxygenated as it smashes against rocks.  When the water hits the rocks the protons bounce off and the water becomes electron rich.  Electron rich water doesn’t happen when water travels miles in straight line pipes.  This type of water would tend to become more proton rich and unstructured.  Proton rich water has a positive charge.  Electron rich water is negatively charged.  This is significant because the exterior structure, or door of the cell wall (aquaporin) is positively charged and wants negatively charged electron rich water.  When electron rich water can get into the cell, it has the unique ability to hydrate and flush metabolic waste.  Remember, the proton rich water does not have this ability.  Proton rich water in fact can be thought of as water that has the ability to “rust” us on the inside.  It creates oxidative stress.  Electron rich water has the ability to act as an antioxidant or reduce oxidative stress.

There is actually a way to measure if water is proton rich or not, thus creating oxidative stress.  The “measuring stick” for this is the use of a meter called an ORP meter.  ORP stands for Oxidative Reduction Potential, or the potential to reduce oxidative stress.  When using the ORP meter, water is placed in a cup.  The meter is turned on and put in the water.  It rises to a certain number and stabilizes at the number which indicates its ability to reduce oxidative stress.  I think of this as the rusting or aging process.  Water being tested with higher positive numbers indicates lower ability to  reduce oxidative stress.  The lower the number, the higher it’s ability to reduce oxidative stress.  Therefore, if the number is a negative number, that is good and the higher the negative number the greater antioxidant ability of the water.

Our results-  We gathered several different kinds of water: tap water, well water, several different bottled waters even bottled alkaline water etc…  All the water we tested was proton rich.  This was not a test for how filtered the water was.  It was a test for the potential to reduce oxidative stress.  In other words, it’s a test that measures if the water is electron rich, thus having the ability to get into the cell, hydrate and wash metabolic waste.  Our results were startling.  All the water we tested other than our structured water was between (positive) 44 and 120.  Our structured water coming right from our machine got up to (negative) -66.  When we let water from the machine sit for several hours, the numbers went down, indicating that the ORP drops with time.

Above I described how water in nature gets “structured” and takes on a DNA looking form.  Only non chlorinated water can structure or become “living water”.  Most of us aren’t drinking river water because of the contaminants.  Even if we could drink river water, it usually doesn’t have a very high ORP.  There are a few anomalies in the earth where water naturally has a high ORP.  In these areas people tend to live longer.  The only option most of us have for obtaining structured water is to purchase a structured water system.  A structured water system has filtration built within it to remove chlorine.  I prefer to run the water through a Multipure filter first, then run the filtered water through the structured system.  We installed a Multipure filter under the sink and put the structured water system on top of the counter near the sink.  This is our drinking water.  The main sink faucet is free for other uses.  For information on filtration see our article called Water Filtration.  Multiple water systems can be found at cleanwater.healthinhand.info

How does the structured water system work?  A vortex is created inside the system.  The protons are flung off and a magnet plate system attracts the protons and collects the electrons.  The oxygenated, electron rich water exits the machine from the faucet at the top of the machine.  The acidic, proton rich waste water, exits from the tube at the bottom of the machine and empties into the sink.  The end result is very clean and hydrating drinking water.

Where can I find structured water?  There are only a few companies that produce structured water.  We are using the Vollara water system.  It’s a high quality stainless steel system with no replacement parts.  There is no issue with water calcification with this unit.  It has a self cleaning mechanism built within.  We can offer a very good discount if we sell the units at our clinic instead of on line.  This can happen if we purchase three systems at a time.  The bulk purchasing allows us to take several hundred dollars off per unit and we translate that discount to you.  The only way we can offer this discount is if they are pre ordered.  We also have an on line web site.  There are other items on the site besides the structured water.  The web site is livingwater.healthinhand.info

Features of Vollara’s Living Water System

Direct Disc Ionization (DDI)— Uses a single platinum coated titanium disc electrode that ionizes water with the same effect as a multi-plated ionizing units. This system uses less precious metals than other machines and requires less maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly— Vollara Alkaline Ionized Water Machines are more energy efficient than other leading brands. They are designed to reduce materials needed and energy necessary to power the ionizer. In addition, the ionization disc is recyclable.

Optimal ORP— Alkaline Ionized Water Machine by Vollara produces optimal negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) with a higher flow rate that previous technology, such as electrolysis chambers.

Maximum Safety— Mineral scale causes platinum plating to wear away on solid plates, and less expensive mesh plates can have exposes titanium alloy. Because Vollara’s Alkaline Ionized Water Machine uses DDI, it eliminates the risk of heavy metals leaching into the water.

Continuous Power— Vollara’s patented constant power monitors the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level of your water source, and automatically adjusts the power to maintain constant pH levels. This unique water cooled power supply allows for continual operation without overheating. Conventional solid or mesh plate ionizers can only operate for a limited time before overheating and shutting down.

High Quality Filter— The dual filtration system removes chlorine and other contaminants from tap water and makes natural coral calcium available when water is acidic or soft. A carbon and sediment filter removes taste and odor from water, while the carbon and food grade sulfite filter ensures proper mineralization.

Living Water Ionizer— Sleek, modern “stainless steel” colored exterior will fit in with a modern kitchen design. Installation is quick and easy.

Long Life— With proper care and low-level maintenance, the Living Water unit provides a longer service than conventional plate units. Vollara also offers a 5 year warranty.

Water Range— The Alkaline Ionized Water Machine by Vollara can reach higher pH levels than other leading ionizer systems. With 8 different options, you can adjust the pH level on this machine from 4.0 strong acidic water to 11.0 strong alkaline water, with optimal drinking water options 8.5-9.5 pH.

Benefits of Living Water

  • Digital reader that shows you when you reach the desired pH level.
  • Achieves optimal ORP levels at a higher flow rate than other machines.
  • Provides acid-buffering alkaline water for drinking and cooking, right from the faucet
  • Produces strong acidic water for cleaning without chemicals
  • Generates water with excellent negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) for increased antioxidant properties
  • Easily installs to your existing faucet with no special plumbing

Water- Filtration

We’ll explore a two part issue associated with water; proper filtration as well as hydration.   We’re going to look at these two issues separately and together.  Let’s start with filtration.

In my work as a Naturopathic Doctor and EDS (Electo-Dermal screening) homeopathic technician, I see a great deal of toxic foci associated with municipal water even when filtered.  This has become an area of focus for me since water is such a big part of who we are!  Our physiology is in fact 70-75% water.  We’re 99% water in the womb, 90% water at birth, 70-75% water most of our lives and about 50% water in the years just before death.  It seems we really do shrivel up with old age.  If we are 70-75% water most of our lives, it stands to reason that we should spend 70-75% of our focus on the water we drink.

What are we drinking? –  When I test folks who are drinking tap water or filtered tap water, even bottled water, I see a great deal of pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, chemical compounds, pesticides, herbicides and vaccines.  Think about it, everyone who is urinating in a toilet is passing their toxins to the chemical treatment plant.  All the pharmaceutical and recreational drugs and vaccines they’ve been exposed to are being flushed down the toilet.  Furthermore, all the chemical compounds being washed off the wash rag, and the pesticides rinsed off the rice prior to cooking, are being washed down the sink and finally make their way to the sewage treatment plant.  This water is filtered, filtered, filtered, but nothing has been done to the water to rid it of the pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides and chemical compounds.

The following information is a bit hard to believe but here it goes.  Just this year, seven months ago in fact, the third party NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) came out with a test certification to test contaminants such as prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, herbicides, pesticides, and chemical compounds!  WOW, it was just March of this year 2015 that the NSF Standard 401 Certification came out to test for the above!  To understand the impact of what we’re looking at here, you need to recognize that this third party certification is available for all or any companies who sell water purifiers.  They are not required to test their system for this standard, this is optional.  Testing bottled water is optional.  Municipal water is certainly not being tested for these contaminants!  Municipal water is filtered and most of the time has chlorine added to it!  (That’s another topic for dissection later.)  I more often than not see dozens of viruses including Ebola, Swine Flu and HIV showing up in people with less than adequate water filtration.

I’ve searched for pure water for most of my personal and all of my professional life.  Every educational training program I’ve been part of for over a decade has had a different stance on what “good” water is.  This has been a great source of confusion for me.  I’m finally convinced of what clean water is.  Believe it or not, to date, the NSF Standard 401 has only approve ONE company for the standard which removes the above contaminants.  It has been said that wars have been fought over oil and land but in the future, wars will be fought over clean water.  I believe this is a very real possibility given our current treatment and distribution of municipal water.

The NSF has approved only ONE company to date for removing the above mentioned contaminants! The Multipure co. filters called Aquaperform, Aquadome and Aquaversa are all Multipure filters which have been approved.  I personally own the Aquaperform because it is their largest filter and is rated to clean 600-900 gallons of water before having to change the filter.  After taking so long to find truly clean water filtration, I’m committed to having it available for my clients.  Whether you purchase it from the main Multipure web site or our Multipure web site, is not the issue.  The price is the same for you wherever you shop.  We’ve worked very hard to figure this out and we’re committed to encouraging truly clean water regardless of where you purchase it.  Our Multipure web site is cleanwater.healthinhand.info This is where you can order the Multipure water filters.

The goal of the next topic is hydration.  Water can be swallowed without being assimilated into the cell.  Water must be assimilated to hydrate and flush metabolic waste.

Can’t wait to talk about hydration!